Reduces fabric moisture, ensuring quick 
and efficient drying.

As world leaders and experts in vacuum technology, we develop our own equipment and solutions for all types of open-width fabrics.

Reliable construction

  • Over 3.000 installed units.
  • Equipment tailored to your needs.
  • The highest level of vacuum in the textile industry.


  • Removal of unfixed moisture.
  • Consistency and reproducibility across the entire width.
  • Energy savings.


  • Enhanced washing effect.
  • Improved drying.
  • Chemical recovery.


  • Herringbone slot for delicate fabrics.
  • Slot design for proper Venturi effect.
  • Slot made with HDPE.
  • Automatic sealing system.
  • Maximum efficiency water/air separator.
  • Noise level < 80 dB.
Vaccum System