New high-efficiency semi-continuous process for open width washing. 

Our patented semi-continuous machine is designed to meet every washing needs with high productivity. 
To achieve the best results, we use various washing techniques such as vacuum, submerged suction, and counterflow washing. All of this is done autonomously and automatically.

Electronic drive control

  • Servo inverter-driven operation.
  • Tension control through motor torque.
  • Energy-saving through    electrical feedback.

Semi-continuous Process

  • No need for loading and unloading.
  • Up to 140 m/min in both directions.
  • Flexibility for each treatment.

Submerged Suction and Vacuum Technology

  • Forced bath circulation through the fabric.
  • Improved impregnation and washing results.
  • Electronically programmable recirculation flow and vacuum level.


  • Desizing
  • Scouring
  • Bleaching impregnation
  • All types of washing up to 80ºC
  • Washing reprocesses
  • Neutralizing