Constant tension electronically 
controlled with outstanding results. 

In 1991, we launched the market’s first Jigger with electric motors and electronic control, making us pioneers and industry leaders. 
Since then, our jigger models have continuously evolved, leading to the new Ecomatic generation, 
known for its control, robustness, and performance.

Electronic drive control

  • Servo inverter-driven operation.
  • Tension control through motor torque.
  • Energy-saving through    electrical feedback.

Balanced pendulum

  • Driven by a pneumatic cylinder with electronic control.
  • Constant and programmable distance between the pendulum roller and the rolled fabric.
  • Better handling of the fabric.

Reliable construction

  • Robust construction throughout.
  • Fully enclosed design.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Monoblock construction entirely made of AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • Large-sized doors automatically operated.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Direct and indirect steam in the bath.
  • Indirect steam in the ceiling.
  • Bath recirculation pump.
  • Automatic centering equipment.
  • Automatic bath level control.
  • Manual filter.
  • Output winder (optional).
Turbo Jigg