INDITEX recognizes TVE ESCALE among the best washing technologies


The spanish textile multinational recognizes TVE ESCALE's patented new pre-treatment and washing process as one of the best options on the market for saving water and energy.

Inditex recognizes HYDRA, TVE ESCALE's patented semi-continuous process machine, as the best high-performance textile pre-treatment and washing option. HYDRA combines continuous line technology with discontinuous methodology. To achieve the best results, it combines various washing techniques such as vacuum, submerged suction, and counterflow washing. All this is done autonomously and automatically.

Despite being a semi-continuous process, HYDRA offers the same performance as continuous processes. All this, occupying less space and with a lower initial investment. Most importantly, as INDITEX highlights, is its ability to save up to a total of 26% of water, 17% of electricity, and 23% of steam throughout the finishing process.

Another advantage is its ability to process fabric rolls up to 1600 millimeters in diameter, surpassing any discontinuous machine on the market. On the other hand, compared to continuous machines, HYDRA offers greater versatility, flexibility, and resource savings.

HYDRA will show up in hall 14 stand C103 at ITMA 2023 Milan, Italy.


Inditex is committed to reducing its environmental footprint on the planet. For the same reason, it works hand in hand with experts in its Business Intelligence tool, which collects the best technologies on the market to reduce water and energy consumption. In this case, it covers wet finishing processes such as dyeing, washing, printing, and related activities with leather.

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  • INDITEX recognizes TVE ESCALE among the best washing technologies